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Our company GEE (Global Education Explorer) officially inaugurated in 1st September 2005 with a mission and vision to guide only original and bona fide local students to study abroad. We calculate seriousness of each and every single student through numerous assessment i,e, success rate of previous up to latest education, enthusiasm, ability, ambition, present life leading standard, computer and internet literacy, family background, patriotism, commitment to the motherland and motto.

We want not to pretend what we are not. Try to understand we work as a mediator to create a bridge between local students and foreign institutes. We do not have any special power to facilitate your admission or entry clearance application. If your documents fulfill admission and immigration criteria you must be admitted and will receive an entry clearance certificate (VISA) to study your desired program.

Guide to a student:
Taking a decision to study abroad is not a matter of fun or emotion. Your entire future depends on the decision. First ask yourself, what is your desire? I believe, none but you know yourself better. Try to ignore any kind of imposed decision while selecting the subject or program of study. Check the immigration rules whether you are able to fulfill the requirements. Read the life leading standard of the desired country and city you intend to study. Discuss with your financial sponsor regarding tuition fees and maintenance cost of the country and city. Make sure your sponsor is in a position to remit entire money for the proposed study program. Don’t take any risk because if your sponsor stops remitting money what will you do. It’s impossible to continue education with part time work. Most of the countries international students are allowed to work up to 20 hours during term time and unlimited during vacation. It doesn’t mean you will be able to pay tuition fees and maintenance funds through part time work. Be careful. We specially warn undergraduate students. If you are a real learner please calculate the above things before taking a decision.

Moreover, you must think whether the degree / diploma or awards you are going to achieve from an abroad institute are equivalent to our degree or not. Most of the cases we have seen undergraduate level diplomas are not equivalent to our education. If you do not get an equivalency certificate from our UGC what will you do with the achieved degree? Your life will be spoiled. Please be careful.
Should you have any confusion whether you met the immigration rules or not please talk to a highly trusted consultancy firm or ask the institute where you want to study. While dealing with a consultant please makes sure the consultant is approved by the institute. Don’t pay any application fees or tuition fees to a consultant in cash. All payment must be in the name of institute through a demand draft (DD) or (TT) from a local bank. If you pay money in cash for tuition or application fees that mean you are going to be cheated by someone. Protect yourself from malpractice. Therefore, our policy is the right place for the right people. Should you believe our policy, we may guide you through the process, otherwise we are sorry.

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