Ping your blog to get more visitor

By ping your blog you can get some extra traffic. Here I will give you some website address, from where you will able to ping your website for free……

Hope you will benefited by this URL.

Redirect your blogger blog to your own domain

When you create any blog with, they give you domain like as such as
But if you willing to redirect or transfer your blogger blog to your custom domain URL like as a .com,.net etc domain, you can do this as follows-
1. Go to
2. Sign In your blogger account with your gmail ID and password.
3. Now you are in your blogger dashboard. Here you will find all of your blogger blog options like as Posting, Settings, Monetize, Design etc.
4. Click Settings and go to Publishing option.
5. Here you will find the blog URL, where there are two option. One is domain and another is Custom Domain. Click Custom Domain and go to Advance Settings
6. Here you will able to add your registered domain like as
7. Enter your domain name and fill up captcha and save the settings.
Now your site will be redirect to your new domain.
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Some useful information about how to make a sitemap

A sitemap of a web site is the related as the table of contents of a book. Sitemaps are necessary because it courses net surfers to the actual part of the web site they have a purpose of pastime in. With it they'd save time following hyperlinks and find proper to the point instead.

Sitemaps also are the place engines like google observe if someone is wanting for an explicit keyword or phrase. If you've got a web site map, you'll be in a position to most likely be searched.

Creating a sitemap, currently with software era surging in, is comparatively more straightforward than before. You would like not be a programming guru to be one. All want could be a notepad, a program editor, and some patience. Right here's how you are doing it:

Produce the record on a notepad.
It doesn't essentially should be a notepad. Any word processing software can do. 1st off, create certain to sort in the entire parts and items of your web site. Come with all pages and all hyperlinks you have. Create it as if you happen to listing the contents of your book. Create a draft 1st. You're certain no to pass over one thing out this approach.

Produce a replacement web page on your sitemap.
You'll be ready to insert the sitemap for your website on one of its pages or you'll produce a wholly different page for it. Using your notepad, incorporate all tags essential to it to make another webpage. Open up your web site author program and tag your sitemap using it. If you've got created your website by yourself, this can be simple for you.

Create a hyperlink for the sitemap.
You gained't be ready to view the sitemap for those who gained't place a hyperlink for it, after all. Produce the link on the front page of your website therefore that visitors can read it right away and be directed appropriately.

Check your work.
It is important to validate the capability of the hyperlinks you created at the sitemap. Test each and each one in there and if you happen to get a slip-up, be certain to mend it accurately. Run via every unmarried web page to create sure that each one are accounted for.

Upload your work.
Position the sitemap currently in your reside browser and double take a look at it. It should perform as easily because the dry run. Error ought to be minimum at this stage because you already have demonstrated it domestically.

The stairs supplied herewith is the manual method of creating a sitemap. In this day and age, if you happen to seek arduous sufficient on the web, you will find online techniques that can do of these paintings for you. All you have to do it type in the URL or the link of your web site and they will create the sitemap with click on of a button.

In fact that methodology is generic. All of you who've created their sitemap that method can have an end product that's all the same, and there's that possibility that something else will be inserted in there too. Then once more, the process is a smaller amount taxing and method, approach easier.

However if you wish a more personalised output, and you're pretty smart with computers and programming yourself, higher create one among your own. And since you created your web site anyway, creating sitemap is simply like making any different web page at the website. Different than you'll apprehend for sure the links are accurate, you'll be able to organize the links the manner you prefer it to be. Top components of the location are emphasised compared to less vital. This is very important particularly if you are selling products or offering services on-line.

Sitemap is vital to a web site. People search the web a heap for one thing. If your web site has what that specific particular person is wanting for, and your sitemap experiences it, then you've got a brand new client trying at your items. Not solely that, they can see another things up on the market that they could be fascinated by as well.

Sitemaps, be it generated by means of an application automatically or you made it your self, presents the identical purpose. That's to guide your visitors to the place they're possible headed, and so that you can be observed at the World Huge Net through search spiders. Thus with those, make certain your web site incorporates a sitemap of its personal, lest build one.

The producer of this text is also the producer of Instaladores de parquet Barcelona and Instaladores de parquet web sites.

Make your picture as google homepage


Now you can make your own picture or any other picture you like as your google search engine homepage. And this is not so tuft to do. Just read out this post and you can able to do this very easily.

1. Go to Now you are in the home page of the search giant google.

2. In the home page of google, you will find a link in the footer of the page "Change Background Image". Click this link.

3. Now you will ask to sign to your google account. Here sign in with your gmail ID and password. If there is no gmail ID, please open an ID.

4. Now You will redirect to a page like as follow.....

In this page you will get 4 options...

a. From your computer

b. Your piccassa web photoes

c. Your recent picks

d. No background

5. Now you click the option "From Your Computer". Now you will get a browser uploder to upload a picture from your computer. Just go to your location of picture what you are willing to save as your google background and upload it.

6. You have allmost doe. Now go to goole home page and you will see that the picture you upload show as your goole home page bacground picture.

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Stop Airtel to send you disgusting promotinal sms

Some days, I see that various official number of airtel send  me some promotional sms daily, which is very disgusting for me. But i did not know that there is a option to stop this sms sending. I search for this solution and success. So I want to share it with you........

Airtel promotinal or offer menu is *121#. you can stop this service from that promotional power menu. Just go to *121*9# and there you will see a option where asked you to stop this service. Just type this option value like as 1 or 2 and press ok.

That enough. You have done. Never ever you will receive any such disgusting sms....

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Good Bed room Design

Successful layout is a relative term. What's just right or a success for me will not be so out of your aspect of view.

But when it comes to inside layout, there are specific components which are all the time present it doesn't matter what using the gap is. Permit's have a look on the bare minimum layout components an area must have in order that it may be called an at ease and liveable space.

1) Proportions of the room.

The phrase "proportions" is at all times used in the layout field. Each and every inside area that's being utilized by humans will have to be proportionate. Proportions are extremely essential in any design.

Each 3 dimensional item has houses similar to duration, width and height. While these 3 are in response to the proportions of quite a lot of portions of human frame we name it a "proportionate" design.

For instance a take care of of a wardrobe should have dimensions such that our palms can hold it correctly for effortless and clean action. or a chair seat must have enough are so that we can sit comfortably. Once more the type of seating will modification the dimensions of the chair. A chair in waiting foyer of a financial institution might be different than a sofa.

So proportions play an incredible function in interior design and furniture on your bedroom must additionally practice those rules. The size of the double mattress, it's peak from ground level, height of cloth cabinet, dimensions of dressing desk, etc...a lot of these matter as far as function is concerned.

2) Herbal gentle getting into the room.

There's no selection for obviously lit spaces. Sun being the strongest supply of light and likewise helps to keep the organic steadiness of the planet Earth, it is extremely much vital within the inside spaces.

Observe displays that natural mild can penetrate in an internal space as much as 20 feet (Approx. 7 meters). The use of appropriate position for window commencing can easily achieve this.

3) Natural Air flow

A unfastened and unobstructed float of air will also be an effective way to stay the atmosphere cool and blank in an inner space. This is conceivable where bedrooms are positioned at the corner of the development the place 2 sides of the bedrooms have external faces.

Where it isn't imaginable to offer windows on adjacent faces or reverse faces, a ventilator above the window is used. The concept that in the back of the ventilator is simple. The lower half the bed room peak is at all times used by the habitants. Because of the consistent use of this are the air temperature rises and air turns into light weight.

This sizzling air rises above and must want an escape. At such occasions ventilators above the window openings play a tremendous role of circulating the glide throughout the room in an upward direction. While the lower component of the room becomes empty fresh air from window takes its place, thus maintaining a balance.

4) Transparent Motion Patterns.

Each bedroom has certain exit points attached to it. Comparable to
a) Go out to balcony/ terrace.
b) Exit to rest room block/ stroll in closet
c) Go out to outdoor (if on flooring ground)

If we draw an imaginary line from the access aspect to these kind of go out points, preferably the should now not intersect. Considering all different areas are already enthusiastic about furniture, conserving the interior move area transparent, is helping to succeed in an at ease space.

5) Just right Provision For Inclusion Of Accessories.

Accessories in a bed room have equal importance. When all different components mentioned above are quite met what is still is the use of accessories which can make moderately a lot of difference in the convenience degree of the habitants.

a) The primary and the most important is a superb provision of artificial lighting. This comprises fundamental lights in addition to unique ornamental lights for ornamental purposes.
b) Special provision for upholstery and linen. Small main points such as curtain rods, provision for mattress canopies can make the room further decorative.
c) Use fabrics which can be simple to wash and maintain. For instance if you are using PVC flooring sheets on best of standard tiled ground, is it cleanable? Bring to mind what will occur if your child makes use of it as a portray canvas.

The discussion above used to be an attempt to search for some universal factor that can have an effect on the relaxation stage of the users in a bedroom. In spite of everything the feeling that you get while you use your bedroom is so much important and is a great degree to come to a decision the luck issue of the layout project.

On the other hand it is very important notice that those aren't the one elements that want to be regarded upon, but I am positive these can help as a starting point for further ingenious thinking.

The author of this article is the producer of Pulidor de suelos and Pulidores de suelos Barcelona web sites.

Redirect your blogger blog to your own domain

When you create any blog with, they give you domain like as such as

But if you willing to redirect or transfer your blogger blog to your custom domain URL like as a .com,.net etc domain, you can do this as follows-

1. Go to

2. Sign In your blogger account with your gmail ID and password.

3. Now you are in your blogger dashboard. Here you will find all of your blogger blog options like as Posting, Settings, Monetize, Design etc.

4. Click Settings and go to Publishing option.

5. Here you will find the blog URL, where there are two option. One is domain and another is Custom Domain. Click Custom Domain and go to Advance Settings

6. Here you will able to add your registered domain like as

7. Enter your domain name and fill up captcha and save the settings.

Now your site will be redirect to your new domain.

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Ping your blog to get more visitor

By ping your blog you can get some extra traffic. Here I will give you some website address, from where you will able to ping your website for free......










Hope you will benefited by this URL.

How to add a google search box in your website

Google known as the search giant of internet world. So that you can add a search box of google in your website anywhere in any webpage. It will helpful for your website visitor to search any related information from your site.

The box also helpful to look your site beautiful. Now see how to add a searchbox to your website. It is very easy. Just copy and paste the following code to your webpage where you willing to add search box. That enough....
<form method="get" action=""> <input type="text" name="q" size="31" maxlength="255" value="" /> <input type="submit" value="Google Search" /> <input type="radio" name="sitesearch" value="" /> The Web <input type="radio" name="sitesearch" value="" checked />Search from this site<br /> </form>

Just change the name of your site and pase the code....

<form method="get" action=""> <div style="border:1px solid black;padding:4px;width:20em;"> <table border="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr><td> <input type="text" name="q" size="25" maxlength="255" value="" /> <input type="submit" value="Google Search" /></td></tr> <tr><td align="center" style="font-size:75%"> <input type="checkbox" name="sitesearch" value="" checked /> Search from this site<br /> </td></tr></table> </div> </form>

Tips to increase the battery life of your laptop


Who use laptop, battery back up time is too much important for them. Some times we see that, when we are doing an interesting or important something in laptop, the charge is over. It is too much disgusting. But here are some tips for lato user, by which your battery can back up for a little more time.

1. Brightness of your laptop monitor is a source of demanding energy. So that try to decrease the brightness of your laptop monitor.

2. You can use a low resolution of your screen. You also can try to use only the icon of your screen. Dont use any icon pack rather than them.

3. Do not insert any DVD or CD dist in the ROM if not necessary. Because the ROM also demand energy though it is not run.

4. Remove USB or other removable drives from your laptop, if it is finished to use. It can save your laptop energy.

5. Don,t use internet when the battery is low.

6. Which programme is not necesary, uncheck them from start up menu.

7. Check your airculer system is ok or not. Because if your laptop is hot, the battery life will be decrease.

Try this tips and then see the result. Leave a comment here to get response for any quest.


Ist der Kaercher X-Range 4.650 T250 Hochdruckreiniger echt was es beschwoert?

Der Hochdruckreiniger ist alsbald aufgebaut, diesbezueglich benoetigt man lediglich einen Schraubenzieher und ein wenig handwerkliches Talent. Der beachtlichste Teil der Teile wird entweder zusammengesteckt sonst geschraubt. 30 Min. hat der Aufbau braucht, dank der sehr uebersichtlich beschriebenen Bedienungsanleitung war es ein kinderspiel. Bloss die Anschluesse des Reinigunsmitteltanks sind ein wenig beschwerlich zu montieren, da diese nicht unmissverstaendlich zu treffen sind. Hier haette man sorgenlos ein bisschen mehr Raum anlegen koennen.

Die Bedienung des Hochdruckreiniger ist ausdruecklich problemlos, alles anschliessen (Strom, Nass), das Geraet anmachen und loslegen. Durch die allgemein so bezeichneten Motor-Stop-Funktion wird das Apparat bei nicht zugaenglicher Pistole eilig ausgestellt. Durch dieses Feature ist man ganz und gar nicht die ganze Zeit vermittels den Laerm, den der Kaercher X-Range 4.650 T 250 Jubilee macht, ausgesetzt, dieser ist gleichwohl im Kontrast zu unserem alten Hochdruckreiniger vielfach ruhiger.

Ergonomische Handspritzpistole, heisst es laut Kaercher, nenneswert was dazu formulieren kann ich jetzig nicht, sie erfuellt problemlos verstaendlich vorbildlich ihren Zweck. Auf jeden Fall sollte obendrein erwaehnt werden das selbst nach laengerem verwenden der Pistole keinerlei Art von Krampf vorkommt. Um den Druck zu nachzustellen kann man am Vario Power Strahlrohr den diesbezueglich vorgesehen Regler gebrauchen, am Hochdruckreiniger selbst gibt es hierzu keine Einstellung. Der Druck unterscheidet sich von Niedrigdruck und ebenfalls Hochdruck. Hiervon gibt sich der Nachteil das man bei den restlichen Aufsaetzen ausserordentlich keine Moeglichkeit hat den Druch zu waehlen. Fairerweise sollte man erwaehnen das das bisher genauso obendrauf nicht notwenig war.

Es gibt einen Dreckfraeser welcher fuer wirklich hartnaeckige Verschmutzungen gedacht ist, dieser erfuellt seinen Zweck betont ausgezeichnet.

Dieses Vario Power Strahlrohr und dazu der Dreckfraeser werden durch die, laut Kaercher, Drueck und ausserdem Drehtechnik gewechselt, ausserdem gibt es fuer diese Aufsaetze Halterungen unmittelbar am Hochdruckreiniger. Durch diese ausgefeilte Technik hat man immer restlich alles griffbereit und ausserdem muss man nie lange nach den Aufsaetzen suchen.

Dadurch das der Schlauch des Hochdruckreinigers ganze 6 m lang ist hat man eine ziemlich grosse Bewegungsfreiheit, dummerweise ist dieser ein bisschen eingeschraenkt in der Handhabung, das Anschliessen bzw. das Abnehmen des Schlauches gestaltet sich als erstaunlich einfach. Fuer den Schlauch sowie die Spruehlanze gibt es ebenfalls Halterungen am Hochdruckreiniger.

Mit dem Flaechenreiniger T250 ist es moeglich grosse Flaechen eilends und ausserdem problemlos zu putzen. Dieser Aufsatz arbeitet dabei wie ein Schrubber und zugleich es spritzt nichts herum. Durch diesen Aufsatz bin ich nie und nimmer mehr gezwungen nach der Reinigung ausserdem stets die Fenster zu reinigen ;).

Das Reinigungsergebnis ist gleicherweise ohne Reinigungsmittel betont ausgezeichnet, deswegen habe ich diese bis zum heutigen tage gemieden. Der Reinigunsmitteltank hat trotzdem seine daseins Berechtigung und ebenfalls laesst sich leicht einsetzen, ein dazu passender Regler dosiert die Reinigunsmittelmenge.


Jeder der allein seine Wege, Terrasse etc. reinigen moechte, ist mit diesem Hochdruckreiniger arg effektiv aufgehoben. Ausnahmslos alle Reinigungsarbeiten wurde bis dato erstklassig von dem Maschine ausgefuehrt. Die Aufsaetze lassen sich wirklich betont leicht wechseln ausserdem ist der Flaechenreiniger ein wahres Gold nugget ;) Das doch ansehnlich geringe Gewicht des Hochdruckreinigers spricht gleicherweise fuer diesen.

Ich beschaeftige mich seit langem mit dem Kaercher Hochdruckreiniger Grossartige Infos gibt es hier

Bangla Blog monetization solution:

Google adsense and many other international publisher network are not support to advertising or selling ads in a bangla website or blog. So that many bangla popular blog and website can not make their website as a way of earning. is the solution of these websites and blogs. is a Bangladeshi publisher network. Any website owner or blogger can sign up there and monetize there website with

They offer you for text and banner both types of ads. And there are various ads format also in

There payment method is Paypal or Check. You will able to payout your earning when it is reached at $10.

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How to make money with BondhonPlus

BondhonPlus is a social network. By using this social network, you can earn a handsome amount. Though BondhonPlus is a social network, but there are some others special features and opportunity in this social network. By which, you can able to make money.

We are spending too many time of our day, ultimately of our life in social network, like as But what we are gotten from facebook.

Just way of passing time and nothing. But if you use BondhonPlus, You will able to get a handsome money. So dont waste your time. See our tutorial in and call the cell phone number given there to know details.

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Test the real speed of your internet connection

We are using many types of internet speed. But we don not know, which internet service provider(ISP) is real as their commitment with their service.

For example if we considered a board brand internet service provider, who say you that he will give you a 256KBPS connection for 800 BDT per month. But how can you know that he give you really 256 speed.

If you want to test the real speed of your internet connection, you can go to

Here you can test your upload and download speed. Just go to the site and click the button to start.

I t will automatically show the upload and download speed of your internet connection. It also show the name and IP address of youe ISP.

If there is any problem to do this, don,t fell hesitate to leave a comment here to ask me for solution.

Microworkers- Easy way to make money

Microworkers is the website, where there are so many opportunity to make money instantly. The site is also reliable to.  Because many people of the world works here and microworkers also pay them regularly. The rules and regulation also very strictly maintain here.

What types of jobs, you can do there?

Microworkers offer you for some tinny jobs? So that you do not need to take any special skill to job here. The types of jobs are like as-

  1. Vote for your photo

  2. Become your fan - "Like" my page

  3. Add you as Friend to Facebook

  4. Rate your Video

  5. Sign up to a website

  6. Follow you on Twitter

  7. Bookmark your website

  8.  Post reviews online
    and much more...

I think all of the jobs you can do very easily. So that don,t waste any time. Do your microworking just now.

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Enable your wordpress user to submit a article

If you want to make your website user friendly, you can follow this article.

I say a about a wordpress blog, where your user will able to submit a post or article.

There are some plugins for wordpress, by which you can do this. uCan post is one of them. By using this wordpress plugin, you enable your user to submit a post to your blog. After submission, you can approve this to publish in your site.

The special option of this plugin is that the user who submit the post is also enable to edit the post after publish.

This plugin is very easy to use.

The another plugin is user summited post

You can also try this to do your website most user friendly.

Way of online income from Bangladesh

Day by day the freelancer of Bangladesh increase day bay. So that I think to say something about some sites of Bangladesh, who offer to make money from Bangladesh. These site is totally Bangladeshi.

This a site where you can find your online jobs submitted y various employer. Just register with as a worker and bid your job and start your online earning. is a site like as google adsense. If you are a blogger or webmaster, you can try this. They will pay you for selling ads to your sites. As much as you sell your ads from your blog or website, your earning will be boast up.

Bdtips offer you to write article to their website. When you submitted a article, the admin of the site will review your article for compability. If your article is match with their terms and condition, the article will be published. You can earn up to 100 BDT for a article from

These are the leading sites of Bangladesh, who offer you for earn money online.

If there is any problem to work with this sites, please leave a comment here.

Download youtube video easily

Youtube is the most popular website to share videos over the world. Most provably maximum of movies movie songs and many other videos are available in this website. So that to find a favorite video of you, you can find it in youtube.

But their is no direct link in youtube to download their video. So that you will disappointed that how can get it in my hard disk.

There are so many software to download youtube video. But some of these are premium and some of these are very complex to use. I will suggest you a firefox plugin to download youtube video. Because this plugin is so much easy to use and you can download video by this plugin in various format like as MP3 Mp4 FLV WMV etc.

You can try this just now. Just go to add ons page of Mozilla Furefox and search with Easy youtube Downloader

and add this plugin to your browser and enjoy.

Leave a comment if any problem to do this.


Free Hosting Service for you

To make a website DOMAIN and HOSTING is too much important. So that I will give you some free hosting service provider for you here.

You can use this site as your hosting provider free of cost. They will give you 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth for free and the service is free for forever. You are not need to pay a penny to get this hosting service.

Their hosting service is also as like as DHMART. But they will provide you unlimited hosting and with unlimited bandwidth. I f you want to get this service, you can sign up now and set up your domain to their name servers and start your website making for free.

Here you can use 1500 MB of disk space for free. Their service is most popular and easy to use. They also provide you their subdomain to use. You can try this now.

Just leave a comment to ask me anything. Fell free to leave a comment here. You can also sign up as a user to regular contact with me.

Wordpress address and Site address

In the wordpress setting menu there are two option-

One is the Wordpress Address(URL) and another is Site Address(URL).

When I install wordpress in my hosting, I had to install it to the directory. So that I see- when I enter my site URL in the browser with www like as, the browser automatically convert it to But I did not know, how to solve this problem. Though this is not makes any troubles for your website, but it looks ugly.

So that I search for a solution for this problem. Today I go to General Settings of Wordpress and see that there is two URL type here to define by the user. I thanks to God and Change the second URL as and see that the problem is solved.

If you face this problem with your wordpress site, you can do this.

Leave a comment to say your problem to me.

Grameen Phone Internet and some disgusting matter

I use GP internet minimum 1.5 years. At first I used grameen phone internet with the GP internet modem when the modem price was 3000+ BDT. After using 4/5 month i see that the modem is not work properly after using 10/12 minutes. Then it had to disconnect from my computer and after a moment it will work later.

One of my elder brother suggested me that the modem is not so good to use internet with a GP connection and you can use with any mobile phone modem. Then I use Nokia 6500 Slide which modem speed is 1100 KB/S +. Though using this phone set, the speed is upgraded but the whole problem is not removed. The speed is not so high that you can satisfied.

But I use it for a long time. Recently I see that, many popular website is not work properly in my computer. Some of the feature or service of some popular website even google is not work properly. Before some days, the faceebook is not work in my computer.

I uninstall my browser and try again but the result is same. Then I try with another broadband connection and see that the websites are work properly.

I don,t know what the problem. I think many of the popular website banded the GP IP address. So that this is not work properly with this.

Now I wanna say TATA to GP internet.

3 ways to get paypal amount from Bangladesh

Many freelancer of Bangladesh work some website which is not support any payment method without paypal. But paypal is not support in Bangladesh. So if they want to cash their online income, they face some problem. Here is 3 ways to make your paypal amount in cash even for unverified paypal amount.

Way 1.

The most famous and easy way to cash your paypal amount is By this way you can get your paypal payment most easily. Just get your account only for BDT 200 to BDT 500 for per year. And get your paypal amount in cash. They can charge only 5% to 10% according to your amount.

Way 2.

Second way is cash your payment of paypal via your mobile phone. Just transfer your balance paypal to or They will send your amount as your mobile balance.

Way 3.

This way is for big amount earner. You can get a payoneer debit master card and get your money in cash via a ATM booth from Bangladesh. Though their fee is so high so that never try it for a small amout.

Please leave a comment if their is any feedback.


Buy a domain name with a unverified paypal account

Some country like as Bangladesh is not support the service of paypal. So that the internet merchant of these countries an not receive their money by paypal. But some online earning site pay their site earning only by paypal. So that the freelancer of these countries try to get this money by online buying like as buy a domain name. But all of the domain name registration sites is not support the payment via a unverified paypal account. Here I give you some domain name registration site URL by which you can register your domain by your unverified paypal account balance.











What to know before buy a domain name

Today we see that the freelancer of the world increase day by day. Some freelance try to earn money by some marketing sites like as selling ads to their sites or blogs. So that the demand of buying domain is increasing day by day. But the amount of such earning depends on the visitor of that sites. Because the sales of ads depends on the quantity of visitor of a sites. If we try to follow some thing before buying a domain, we will get a extra visitor in our site.

1. Buy only .com domain. Because many of the people think that the premium domain mean only .com domain.

2. Never try to add a extensions after .com like as or etc. It will decrease the publishing easyness of your site URL.

3. Try to chose a easy name to say each other.

4. The domain name must be focus the content of your sites includes with.

If you can follow this, you can ensure some visitor in your website. Please leave a comment here to give your feedback about this post.


Some Techniques to get more comments in your blog/website

Comments of your visitors in your blog or website is most important to attract your visitors in your site. Because by commenting in your post, the visitors can feedback about their opinion or complain for your post. So that they come back to your post again to get their response of comment and ultimately it increase the visitors of your page.

Now there are some techniques here for you for your blogs or website.

1. Keep Commenting Easy For your Visitor

Make a easy way to comment your post in your site. So that the visitors can post easily and they will inspire to do this.

2. Instant Publish of Comment

Instantly publish the comments of your post. So that the user will see their comment in the site and the visitor inspire to comment in your site.

3. Response as soon as possible

If your visitor asked anythings to you by their comments, you try to feedback as soon as possible. As a result the visitor think that they are mostly prior from you and they will interested to be with you.

4. Make a line in your all the post like as- " Please leave a comment to get reply of your quest from me"

Hide admin page for your wordpress user

Wordpress is the most popular blogging and website building software in internet world. Somebody try here to blogging personally, but many people try to make a professional site with this platform. So that they need to makes a website not only with a rich article, but with a professional look and design.

Maximum of now a days websites are subscribe and collect their online user or member. But their is a problem to do this in wordpress user. Because here you see that when you add an user as subscriber or a author or with any other facility, the user after login or log out direct to the admin bar.

It is really a disgusting matter for site admin. Because the professional websites give these service with their current website template. If you take some techniques to build your site, you can make your site such as a professional site.


Here I will try to suggest some plug in, by which you can make it easily.

Pie Register

By this plug in you can customize your registration form and add a custom logo for your website.

uCan Post

Another useful plug in by which your user can post as like as admin bar without going to admin bar.

Theme my login

There are various option in this plug in. You can get a ultimate professional fell and look for your website by using this plug in.

Please leave your comment in this post to get help from me.

Robi Internet details

Robi is the oldest mobile internet service provider of Bangladesh. It offer various options for it,s user to use internet. The details of the Robi Internet are as follows:

Volume Based Pack

There are three options for this feature. You can enjoy following three deffirent option-

1. You can enjoy 1 GB per month for 275 taka per month byDial *8444*85#.

2. You can enjoy 3 Gb per month for Taka 450 by Dial *8444*84#.

3. And you can also enjoy 5 GB by dial Dial *8444*83# for 650 Taka per month.

Daily Browsing Pack

The details of this feature are as follows according to their website

If you are an Robi prepaid subscriber, and use the Internet occasionally – but heavily, this is the right plan for you. Only Robi prepaid subscribers can enjoy this internet plan.
Dial *8444*81# to get the pack. There will be no waiting time! 

Enjoy Robi INTERNET for the rest of the day – INSTANTLY!!!   You will get internet access from activation to 11:59 PM, only at Tk. 55.

Now you can download files of your choice and videos and chat with your friends by only paying for the day.


  • You can use up to 200 MB of data (Browsing + Download + Upload) for each package.

  • After consuming 200 MB or after 12 AM, regular GPRS charge (Pay Per Use charge) will be applicable.

  • You can buy the package as many times as you want to increase your usage limit.

  • To check your usage balance of the Internet package, dial *222*81#.

  • Service charge for contents is not included in this package

  • VAT and conditions applicable.

Monthly Unlimited Internet  

You can enjoy unlimited internet pakage for only 750 taka per month by send an sms to A1 to 8555.

Night Browsing Plan

If you can only manage to get online at night, then just go for this package.This offer is only for Robi postpaid (General Class) customers.

You can enjoy internet access daily from 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM with a monthly charge of Tk. 275 only. From 8:00 AM to 11:59 PM, Pay-Per-Use charge will be applicable.

How to subscribe? Just type A2 and send SMS to 8555 from your Robi postpaid connection.

When you get a notification SMS, just reply with Y to confirm.


Your subscription will be activated within next 72 hours.

  • To go back to Pay-Per-Use plan, type A2 OFF and SMS to 8555.

  • Service charge for contents is not included in this package.

  • SMS charge applicable

  • VAT and conditions applicable

Internet Settings

Go through step by step to provide the required information.
Request for settings from your handset:

Dial *140*7*3# from your GPRS/ EDGE enabled handset:

  • You will get a response like this, Please enter the Model Number of your Handset:

  • In reply, please type your handset name and model number (e.g. Nokia 6070).

  • Within a moment you will receive the internet setting as a Configuration message.

  • Open the message and save it.

  • If required, use 1234 as PIN code.

Now you are ready to browse with Robi Internet.

For difficulties finding the appropriate settings for your handset, please follow the below instructions

  • Type "*#06#" to see the IMI number of your handset

  • Write down only the first 8 digits of this number e.g. If the IMI number is 358977010423884, write only 35897701

  • Type web 35897701 and SMS to 8738You will receive your desired settings

How to make any screen as a picture

Do you want to make a wenpage or any other page of your computer as picture?

You can make it without using any extra software. Just follow the steps given below and see....

1. First of all you open the page in your monitor, which page you want to make a picture. It can be a Word document page, or webpage or any other page of your computer. Even you can make a picture of your desktop too.

2. After open the page, press "Print Screen SysRq" button from your keyboard.

3. Now open any photo editor in your computer like as Photoshop. If there is no such softwares installed in your computer, please oprn PAINT which is already installed with your Operating system.

4. Now paste here or Press Ctrl+V at a time. Now you see that the page is shown here as a image. You can edit this from here by using the tolls of such photo editor.

5. After finihing your editing, save the image as your prefferable format.

Fell free to leave a comment, if there is any problem to do this.

Insert a Page Break in Microsoft Office document

If you want to start a new page at a specific
place in your document, you can insert a page
break. Word automatically determines the
length of the pages by the paper size and margin
settings that you set, and inserts a page break when
you enter text past the bottom of a page.
When you insert a break in Print Layout view, you
see the actual pages. You can insert a page break in your document by following step-

1 Click the Insert tab.
2 Click where you want to start a new page.
3 Click Page Break.

Quick way:

Is there a faster way to insert page
breaks in my document?
Yes. You can quickly insert a page break
in your document by holding down the
Ctrl key and pressing Enter. A page
break appears at the insert point in your

How do I remove a page break?
To remove the page break, switch to Print
Layout view, click the dotted line labeled
Page Break, and press Delete. You can also
go past the page break and press the
Backspace key.

If you have any question or face any problems to do it, please leave a comment here.

Read Bangla or any language on your mobile that is not supported by your mobile phone.

Read Bangla or any language on your mobile that is not supported by your mobile phone.
Read Bangla or any language on mobile; browse Bangla websites on mobile; best trick to read Bangla on mobile; Bangla on Symbian; Bangla on Nokia Nseries, Eserie

Nowadays people want to do everything on their mobile !


It’s not strange because it’s easier to carry a mobile than a laptop.
You can browse the net, check your emails, chat with friends online and what not – when you are lying on your bed.

Even you can manage your website with mobile phone. There is also FTP client, html editor for mobile phone. You can even have Britannica Encyclopedia, Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary etc. In your mobile..

You know what? I am now writing this post on my mobile !

Whatever my purpose of writing now is to make you know how to use Bangla on your mobile .

Nowadays some phone support natively. So those phone should not make trouble viewing bangla. BUT SOME PHONE MAKE TROUBLE ALTHOUGH SUPPORT BANGLA NATIVELY. For example Samsung sgh-e250 support Bangla natively but when you are browsing the net with Opera Mini on that phone you will not be able to see bangla properly. And even although it support Bangla natively you can’t write Bangla with it. How disgusting.

But Nokia do great job in this field. Nokia 3110 classic support Bangla natively and even you can write Bangla with it, can make search on google by writing Bangla keywords.
You can view Bangla website with it without any trouble and can write Bangla posts on Bangla forums.

What can they do whose phone doesn’t support Bangla ?

There are some good news and some bad news for them !

If you have a noble or PDA or Pocket PC that runs on Windows Mobile then you can install Bangla fonts just like you do on your computer !

But you know what ? Those phone are most costly ! There are also some low cost Windows Mobile ( almost 20,000 tk ).

Majority number of people over the globe use Nokia phones and use phones running on Symbian Operating System. But Symbian Operating System Does not support Bangla

For not supporting Bangla on Symbian phones ( N-Series, E-Series, 7610, 5800 etc.) we can’t read Bangla newspapers or Bangla sites on our mobile phone. So it’s a great disadvantage for us – Bangla speaking people.

Useless Tricks to Make Symbian Mobile Phone Support Bangla

Some people say that it is possible to make Symbian support Bangla by using Opera Mobile ( notice that “Opera Mobile” and “Opera Mini” are different ).

Their trick is as follow:-

1. Download or copy a Bangla font from your PC. Go to “System” folder inside phone memory or C drivd ( This trick does not always work in memory card or E drive) in your phone using a third party file browser (X-plore, Active Files, Fexplorer etc.) Make a folder folder inside System folder named “Fonts”.

2. Now copy the font into this newly made folder.

3. Restart your phone.

Now if you have installed Opera Mobile in your mobile run that and go to a Bangla site or .

So what you see now. You can understand that the characters showing on you screen are Bangla Alphabet.

But is it possible for you to read some lines with such characters.

Using this trick is unable to see “Juktakkhor”. The signs are not placed in proper places (Hirsikar, Dirghukar, Rikar etc.). And you not be able to read even a single news without causing headache. So this trick is completely useless. To know the real trick continue reading the following.

Best trick ever to see Bangla on your mobile browser :-

1. For this you need to have “opera mini” installed on you mobile. (

2. If you have installed Opera Mini then write this line – “opera:config” – in web address or URL field in Opera Mini. See the screen shot.

3. Now a page will be appeared like the following – see the screenshot below.

4. Go to the last option of the page (“Use bitmap font for complex script”) – select it as “Yes” and click “save” like the screenshot and you are done.

5. Now to read Bangla news on your mobile go to ““

Wish you happy Bangla News reading on your beloved mobile phone

Notice that : There is no trick to write Bangla on Symbian. And it’s not possible to see Bangla on other applications other than a very few specific java applications. You can use complete English-Bangla, Bangla-English, “Bangla Academy English-Bangla Dictionary” on your mobile. These are the only application on what you can see Bangla on your mobile. I will write about these Bangla Dictionary later and will upload them for you. Till then Allah Hafez.

Could you please comment and give your feedback…..

How to make a free website

There are so many optioin to make a free website for you.

Are you interested to make a website for you?

If you want to get a website for you, you can make it free and without spend a single penny.

Just read this post and follow….

We know that to build a website, the most important two things is-

  1. Domain

  2. Hosting

If you get this two essentials for free, you can make a free website. Is not it?

Now see…

There are too many website, where there the domain(Sub-Domain) and hosting is free with webmaster tools. Such as-

So why you have not a website?

Here I will discus about the process to make a free websites in Blogger.

Blogger is the sister service of Google. The sites who provides free websites, blogger is the most famous of them and it already passed about 14 years. The webmaster tools of this site is also easy and user friendly to use. Any one, who has a basic knowledge of internet can make a free website with blogger.

Now follow the steps-

Though it is one of the service of google, so at first you have to make a gmail or google accout to start with blogger. If you have a gmail account, you have not do this.


  1. Go to

  2. Enter your gmail ID with as in the email box.

  3. Enter the password of your email in the password box.

  4. Click “sign In” and you will see your Dashboard of your blogger.

  5. Click “create a new blog”

  6. Now enter your blog title in the title box.(such as “Store of education career and technology”)

  7. Enter the URL you want to get in the URL box and check for availability.(such as “ ”). Here you only enter “aidunion”

  8. Now enter the captha and click start.

  9. In the next page you choice the template of your website and click continue. The template can be change any time and you also able to use a custom template.

  10. Now click “Start Blogging”

  11. Now your website is completed and you can enter your post or article just now.

  12. Click new post in your Dashboard.

  13. Enter title of your post in the “Title Box”

  14. Enter body of your post in the big box in the below.

  15. Click “preview” to see how your post will seen.

  16. Click “Publish Post” to publish.

Just start now and enjoy

Now you can change your blogspot name to

Such as to