Make your picture as google homepage


Now you can make your own picture or any other picture you like as your google search engine homepage. And this is not so tuft to do. Just read out this post and you can able to do this very easily.

1. Go to Now you are in the home page of the search giant google.

2. In the home page of google, you will find a link in the footer of the page "Change Background Image". Click this link.

3. Now you will ask to sign to your google account. Here sign in with your gmail ID and password. If there is no gmail ID, please open an ID.

4. Now You will redirect to a page like as follow.....

In this page you will get 4 options...

a. From your computer

b. Your piccassa web photoes

c. Your recent picks

d. No background

5. Now you click the option "From Your Computer". Now you will get a browser uploder to upload a picture from your computer. Just go to your location of picture what you are willing to save as your google background and upload it.

6. You have allmost doe. Now go to goole home page and you will see that the picture you upload show as your goole home page bacground picture.

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Stop Airtel to send you disgusting promotinal sms

Some days, I see that various official number of airtel send  me some promotional sms daily, which is very disgusting for me. But i did not know that there is a option to stop this sms sending. I search for this solution and success. So I want to share it with you........

Airtel promotinal or offer menu is *121#. you can stop this service from that promotional power menu. Just go to *121*9# and there you will see a option where asked you to stop this service. Just type this option value like as 1 or 2 and press ok.

That enough. You have done. Never ever you will receive any such disgusting sms....

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