How to make a free website

There are so many optioin to make a free website for you.

Are you interested to make a website for you?

If you want to get a website for you, you can make it free and without spend a single penny.

Just read this post and follow….

We know that to build a website, the most important two things is-

  1. Domain

  2. Hosting

If you get this two essentials for free, you can make a free website. Is not it?

Now see…

There are too many website, where there the domain(Sub-Domain) and hosting is free with webmaster tools. Such as-

So why you have not a website?

Here I will discus about the process to make a free websites in Blogger.

Blogger is the sister service of Google. The sites who provides free websites, blogger is the most famous of them and it already passed about 14 years. The webmaster tools of this site is also easy and user friendly to use. Any one, who has a basic knowledge of internet can make a free website with blogger.

Now follow the steps-

Though it is one of the service of google, so at first you have to make a gmail or google accout to start with blogger. If you have a gmail account, you have not do this.


  1. Go to

  2. Enter your gmail ID with as in the email box.

  3. Enter the password of your email in the password box.

  4. Click “sign In” and you will see your Dashboard of your blogger.

  5. Click “create a new blog”

  6. Now enter your blog title in the title box.(such as “Store of education career and technology”)

  7. Enter the URL you want to get in the URL box and check for availability.(such as “ ”). Here you only enter “aidunion”

  8. Now enter the captha and click start.

  9. In the next page you choice the template of your website and click continue. The template can be change any time and you also able to use a custom template.

  10. Now click “Start Blogging”

  11. Now your website is completed and you can enter your post or article just now.

  12. Click new post in your Dashboard.

  13. Enter title of your post in the “Title Box”

  14. Enter body of your post in the big box in the below.

  15. Click “preview” to see how your post will seen.

  16. Click “Publish Post” to publish.

Just start now and enjoy

Now you can change your blogspot name to

Such as to