Make your picture as google homepage


Now you can make your own picture or any other picture you like as your google search engine homepage. And this is not so tuft to do. Just read out this post and you can able to do this very easily.

1. Go to Now you are in the home page of the search giant google.

2. In the home page of google, you will find a link in the footer of the page "Change Background Image". Click this link.

3. Now you will ask to sign to your google account. Here sign in with your gmail ID and password. If there is no gmail ID, please open an ID.

4. Now You will redirect to a page like as follow.....

In this page you will get 4 options...

a. From your computer

b. Your piccassa web photoes

c. Your recent picks

d. No background

5. Now you click the option "From Your Computer". Now you will get a browser uploder to upload a picture from your computer. Just go to your location of picture what you are willing to save as your google background and upload it.

6. You have allmost doe. Now go to goole home page and you will see that the picture you upload show as your goole home page bacground picture.

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Stop Airtel to send you disgusting promotinal sms

Some days, I see that various official number of airtel send  me some promotional sms daily, which is very disgusting for me. But i did not know that there is a option to stop this sms sending. I search for this solution and success. So I want to share it with you........

Airtel promotinal or offer menu is *121#. you can stop this service from that promotional power menu. Just go to *121*9# and there you will see a option where asked you to stop this service. Just type this option value like as 1 or 2 and press ok.

That enough. You have done. Never ever you will receive any such disgusting sms....

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Good Bed room Design

Successful layout is a relative term. What's just right or a success for me will not be so out of your aspect of view.

But when it comes to inside layout, there are specific components which are all the time present it doesn't matter what using the gap is. Permit's have a look on the bare minimum layout components an area must have in order that it may be called an at ease and liveable space.

1) Proportions of the room.

The phrase "proportions" is at all times used in the layout field. Each and every inside area that's being utilized by humans will have to be proportionate. Proportions are extremely essential in any design.

Each 3 dimensional item has houses similar to duration, width and height. While these 3 are in response to the proportions of quite a lot of portions of human frame we name it a "proportionate" design.

For instance a take care of of a wardrobe should have dimensions such that our palms can hold it correctly for effortless and clean action. or a chair seat must have enough are so that we can sit comfortably. Once more the type of seating will modification the dimensions of the chair. A chair in waiting foyer of a financial institution might be different than a sofa.

So proportions play an incredible function in interior design and furniture on your bedroom must additionally practice those rules. The size of the double mattress, it's peak from ground level, height of cloth cabinet, dimensions of dressing desk, etc...a lot of these matter as far as function is concerned.

2) Herbal gentle getting into the room.

There's no selection for obviously lit spaces. Sun being the strongest supply of light and likewise helps to keep the organic steadiness of the planet Earth, it is extremely much vital within the inside spaces.

Observe displays that natural mild can penetrate in an internal space as much as 20 feet (Approx. 7 meters). The use of appropriate position for window commencing can easily achieve this.

3) Natural Air flow

A unfastened and unobstructed float of air will also be an effective way to stay the atmosphere cool and blank in an inner space. This is conceivable where bedrooms are positioned at the corner of the development the place 2 sides of the bedrooms have external faces.

Where it isn't imaginable to offer windows on adjacent faces or reverse faces, a ventilator above the window is used. The concept that in the back of the ventilator is simple. The lower half the bed room peak is at all times used by the habitants. Because of the consistent use of this are the air temperature rises and air turns into light weight.

This sizzling air rises above and must want an escape. At such occasions ventilators above the window openings play a tremendous role of circulating the glide throughout the room in an upward direction. While the lower component of the room becomes empty fresh air from window takes its place, thus maintaining a balance.

4) Transparent Motion Patterns.

Each bedroom has certain exit points attached to it. Comparable to
a) Go out to balcony/ terrace.
b) Exit to rest room block/ stroll in closet
c) Go out to outdoor (if on flooring ground)

If we draw an imaginary line from the access aspect to these kind of go out points, preferably the should now not intersect. Considering all different areas are already enthusiastic about furniture, conserving the interior move area transparent, is helping to succeed in an at ease space.

5) Just right Provision For Inclusion Of Accessories.

Accessories in a bed room have equal importance. When all different components mentioned above are quite met what is still is the use of accessories which can make moderately a lot of difference in the convenience degree of the habitants.

a) The primary and the most important is a superb provision of artificial lighting. This comprises fundamental lights in addition to unique ornamental lights for ornamental purposes.
b) Special provision for upholstery and linen. Small main points such as curtain rods, provision for mattress canopies can make the room further decorative.
c) Use fabrics which can be simple to wash and maintain. For instance if you are using PVC flooring sheets on best of standard tiled ground, is it cleanable? Bring to mind what will occur if your child makes use of it as a portray canvas.

The discussion above used to be an attempt to search for some universal factor that can have an effect on the relaxation stage of the users in a bedroom. In spite of everything the feeling that you get while you use your bedroom is so much important and is a great degree to come to a decision the luck issue of the layout project.

On the other hand it is very important notice that those aren't the one elements that want to be regarded upon, but I am positive these can help as a starting point for further ingenious thinking.

The author of this article is the producer of Pulidor de suelos and Pulidores de suelos Barcelona web sites.

Redirect your blogger blog to your own domain

When you create any blog with, they give you domain like as such as

But if you willing to redirect or transfer your blogger blog to your custom domain URL like as a .com,.net etc domain, you can do this as follows-

1. Go to

2. Sign In your blogger account with your gmail ID and password.

3. Now you are in your blogger dashboard. Here you will find all of your blogger blog options like as Posting, Settings, Monetize, Design etc.

4. Click Settings and go to Publishing option.

5. Here you will find the blog URL, where there are two option. One is domain and another is Custom Domain. Click Custom Domain and go to Advance Settings

6. Here you will able to add your registered domain like as

7. Enter your domain name and fill up captcha and save the settings.

Now your site will be redirect to your new domain.

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Ping your blog to get more visitor

By ping your blog you can get some extra traffic. Here I will give you some website address, from where you will able to ping your website for free......










Hope you will benefited by this URL.