Free Hosting Service for you

To make a website DOMAIN and HOSTING is too much important. So that I will give you some free hosting service provider for you here.

You can use this site as your hosting provider free of cost. They will give you 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth for free and the service is free for forever. You are not need to pay a penny to get this hosting service.

Their hosting service is also as like as DHMART. But they will provide you unlimited hosting and with unlimited bandwidth. I f you want to get this service, you can sign up now and set up your domain to their name servers and start your website making for free.

Here you can use 1500 MB of disk space for free. Their service is most popular and easy to use. They also provide you their subdomain to use. You can try this now.

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Wordpress address and Site address

In the wordpress setting menu there are two option-

One is the Wordpress Address(URL) and another is Site Address(URL).

When I install wordpress in my hosting, I had to install it to the directory. So that I see- when I enter my site URL in the browser with www like as, the browser automatically convert it to But I did not know, how to solve this problem. Though this is not makes any troubles for your website, but it looks ugly.

So that I search for a solution for this problem. Today I go to General Settings of Wordpress and see that there is two URL type here to define by the user. I thanks to God and Change the second URL as and see that the problem is solved.

If you face this problem with your wordpress site, you can do this.

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