Google adsense tour

I am not going to convince you that Google Adsense is a great way to earn money online. Adsense - Great or bad, you decide. Just if you are already convinced, then you may want to take a look on this short-note. I am here, just to tell that if you search the Internet, you will see people are claiming to earn big money with Google Adsense. How true are they? To my sense, a few of them should be right, but many of them are not. Can you earn big with Adsense? My sense is - yes, you will, only if you are also big and popular, if your web-sites attract a significant number of Internet Visitors, also your site is useful to them, additionally, if the adsense ads that are displayed on your sites pay something significant per click.

Lets do the math, so far I have seen from different peoples' analysis - Adsense pays on an average 20-30 cents/click, where it can go upto 12-15$/click [I think rare] per click.
Lower Limit: Now, say if you have a web-site that attracts 100 visitors a day (3000/month), then you get 0.2 click/day, 6 clicks/month, $1.8/month.

With 1000 Visitors per day: 2 clicks/day, 60 clicks/month = 18$/month

With 100,000 Visitors per day: 200 clicks/day, 6000 clicks/month = 1800$/month

Reality is, if you have 100,000 visitors/day - you will get many other advertisement income opportunities - big players may come to you with great/good offers.

Upper Limit: Now, say if you have a web-site that attracts 100 visitors a day (3000/month), then you get 1 (1%) click/day, 30 clicks/month, $9/month.

With 1000 Visitors per day: 10 clicks/day, 300 clicks/month = 90$/month

With 100,000 Visitors per day: 1000 clicks/day, 30000 clicks/month = 9000$/month

Reality is, if you have 100,000 visitors/day - you will get many other advertisement income opportunities - big players may come to you with great/good offers.

This is not the exact right amount that you will/can earn. There will be many other factors that will play roles. My concern is: if you decide/try to earn through Adsense, you have to do it seriously, and think practically - how big can you become, how many visitors are you capable to attract, how demanding are your contents. How much patience do you have? How much time and efforts can you put on it? Do you have the mindset to do it?

There is a possibility that your click rate can be at least 0.5% to 0.8%. There is no guarantee on it. One possible approach can be - start a web-site, promote it to your target users, wait for three or four months, keep advertising to strangers interested in your type of web-site (I would say mostly to strangers - online or offline). After, three four months, you will know how much is your click rate, and how much you can get per click. In the meantime, you may also try to alter the ads in your web-site (position of the ads, color of the ads, sizes of the ads, type of the ads (text/image), also the advertisers/ads). Then you will know that it does worth your effort or not. I am just trying to say - if it is something - you wanna do - proceed logically.

Before, believing the claims in the internet, check their traffic rankings, popularity, and reliability.

According to the, (I do not know much about, some statistics are given below:

PlentyOfFish Founder Earns Over $1 MILLION Dollars In Less Than 3 Months!
Jason Calacanis Earns Over $2,000.00 Per Day With Adsense!
Jeremy Shoemaker, blogger, earns over $140,000 MONTHLY with Adsense.
Shawn Hogan, Digital Point forum owner earns over $10,000 monthly with Adsense..
Tim Carter, from AskThe Builder, earns over $30,000.00 monthly with Adsense.

Are these figures and data true, I do not know - but seems some of the web-sites attract a huge traffic. Some of the web-sites ( are also featured in google adsense web-site. According to google,, increased their 10000$/month income to 30000$/month with adsense. You have to decide yourself. However, you can start at checking the lower limit and the upper limit, as I just provided above.

Last Talk:If you want to go with Adsense for earning, do it only if you can take it seriously and over the time can grow very big (I mean your web-site). If not, I do not think - it is the right way of trying to earn money. You may need to wait for several years to grow your traffic to be big enough to earn something significant. Hmm, not always though, if it is a hit like the Facebook, you can reach fast and grow big fast. First of all, your site need to be of great demand, useful in some ways. You may need to complete the site first, do extensive marketing to reach to all target people (definitely you need to do market research and/or understand market).

Sure, if you are not bothered with how much you earn from your web-site, just want to maintain a web-site as a hobby or some other good reasons - go ahead and create your web-site and probably place Adsense ads on your site. However, don't believe the claims in the Internet that you will earn money easily (without much effort).

Whatever you do, do it with your own responsibility, we are not liable for any of your actions. Seek professional and/or legal help if required.