Microworkers: Simple Data Entry Online

It is most famous site of micro jobs online. You can make money here by doing simple and small data entry jobs.
Introduction of this site:
1. Available jobs- Here you will find the jobs which are currently running and are available to you.
2. Tasks I finished- Here you will find the record of tasks you finished and their status (approved or rejected).
3. My campaigns- This option is only useful for you if you are an employer.
4. My account- All details of your account including all transaction history is available here.
5. Deposit$- If you are an employer then you can deposit money here.
6. Withdrawal$- After you reach the minimum withdrawal limit you can place the withdrawal request here.
7. Home – Not for our use it’s just Homepage of site.
8. About us- Read this only if you love to read history.
9. Support- Contact customer support here FAQ is also available here.
First of all you have to register here, if you want to make money with microworkers. Following types of works are available here. Like as-
1. Like a Facebook page it takes 30 seconds pays 0.8$ - 0.25$
2. Subscribe a Youtube channel and comment takes 3 minutes pays 0.12$
3. Digg something takes 3 minutes pays 0.8$ - 0.20$
4. Tweet pays takes 30 seconds pays 0.8$ - 0.20$
5. Signup (I do this task only if it pays minimum 0.20$)
6. Download and install takes 5 – 10 minutes pays 0.35$
Don’t be confused that there are2 success rate which you will have to take under consideration one is permanent success rate which determines that you will work on website or not. This success rate should not be less than 75% or you will be not able to work on this site. The second success rate is temporary success rate. This success rate determines that how many tasks you can currently accept and complete. Sometimes this success rate goes below 75% don’t be worried about it may happen because you must have completed a lot of tasks. The temporary success rate will rise up when the employers approve your task.
1. Has good customer support you can submit complain if you are misrated.
2. User-friendly website.
3. Low minimum pay-out only 9$.
4. Honest.
Not Found
Payment Method:
1. Paypal
2. Alertpay
3. Moneybookers
To register to microworkers-

Monetize your blog/website with adBrite

AdBrite lets international publishers and non-English sites to participate in their ad program. Minimum payout by check is $100.00 by default, but you can change it to any amount equal to or greater than $5.00, which is very convenient. You will have to accrue the amount you specified in your account to be paid. Earnings must mature for roughly 60 days before being eligible to be paid out. That is, a publisher will get paid 60 days after AdBrite gets paid by the advertiser.
A really good online money making resource to consider.
Make money online with Adbrite
AdBrite do not accept sites with little or no original content, sites with content taken from other sources or “Free Article” sites, sites with auto generated content, sites with content designed to increase search engine rank, sites that primarily consists of only advertisements does not constitute content for a landing page, etc. This requirement suits well for you if you are looking for a quality advertising network to get more exposure to your commercial websites, as you will be getting quality targeted traffic from the ads you purchase at adbrite.
As a publisher you can customize ads to match your site, approve and reject ads, and it works alongside other ad programs too. They offers ad formats like text ads, banners, full page ads, inline ads, inVideo ads and BritePic ads
Sign up process is simple and you can join for free. You can also generate extra revenue for your site by participating in their referral program. You can earn 50% of AdBrite’s profits for the first 3 months after a referred user creates an account, and 10% of their profit for the next 9 months after that. This online advertising network definitely deserves a look into, if you are searching for a worthy online money making alternative. So what are you waiting for? Make money online with the new improved adbrite ads on your sites!

Become a publisher with AdFish

Adfish is an affiliate based performance advertising network that is a division of Trancos Inc which is headquartered in Redwood City, California. Adfish services hundreds of CPA clients through the use of the Adfish proprietary tracking and reporting platform. They have specialized teams that are dedicated to providing advertisers and publishers with the highest level of professional and consultative services in the industry.

Adfish is a company with extensive experience in the publishing field - because of this they know and understand the publisher's needs and work hard to meet them. They are dedicated to your success because your success ensures their success and they will work hard to deliver reliable results that meet or exceed your expectations each and every time. Their product line, along with their sophisticated optimization technology, is the best way to get the most of your impressions across a wide range of marketing segments. All of this has been proven to increase ad revenue per page along with a more granular level of tracking, support for all media formats, personalized tracking, and flexible integration options. All of this along with fast pay and friendly customer service means that you will feel valued as a publisher with Adfish.
Advertisers with Adfish will be provided with the added value of the combination of quality and volume. They know all the techniques to best position your marketing efforts which will give you the advantage over your competition. All of the unique solutions programs are backed with both industry experience and knowledge to generate superior results. Using special Adfish technology, you will be able to combine programs for both web and search engine traffic which is sure to give you the competitive edge. Since Adfish has fostered relationships with some of the major players in publishing, you will get access to a large customer base - each of whom will be looking at your advertisements. Your marketing campaigns will be customized to meet your unique business needs.
Adfish has a good reputation as providing payments to their publishers on-time and in the correct amount. The only real negative is that there is no forum on the website which means that you won't be able to speak to other publishers and advertisers regarding any questions you may have - but they do have strong customer service which you can use. If you are looking for an additional monetization source for your websites then Adfish is well worth checking out.

Excelent publisher network Advertising

Advertising can be an excellent way to monetize your site.
But before getting too far into this method, consider a few important points first.
Is this method right for your site and your visitors?
While this way of monetising can be presented tastefully, and some will truly be beneficial to your targeted visitors, you want to be careful not to offend them; they are too important to you.
Avoid tacky banners and moving pop-ups that interrupt (and annoy) your readers.
Have enough high quality, keyword driven content pages (30-40) and enough traffic (50-75 visitors per day) before applying.
If or when you do want to explore doing this on your site, as of this writing we recommend Google Adsense as one of the best ways to put this on your site.
They do have policies and conditions to which you must agree and adhere; but they are not unreasonable and are easy to understand and follow.
You must have a privacy policy in place on your site.
Your site needs to be clean, high quality and filled with great content; but this is something you are striving for anyway, whether you have adsense or not.
When you are ready, Google Adsense is easy and helpful.
There are good alternatives should you want or need to explore them, such as Yahoo PublishersNetwork, Bidvertize, Targetpoint, Chitika, Widgetbucks, AdBrite . . . and others.
If you decide to use SBI (which, as you may already know, we use, endorse and happily recommend), they will guide you through the entire process as they do with every other aspect of site building and marketing.
Remember, advertising can be an excellent way to monetize your website while still serving your visitors.

AdJungle publisher

Simple to use
Manage all your banners from a simple interface. Just place a little HTML on your Web site and AdJungle does all the work for you. No more site editing - you can use our Web interface to update your default banner rotation anytime. You can spend your time on what is really important: your content, your site, and your community.
Make more money
AdJungle can help you make money through advertising to your site visitors. You can use AdSense, affiliate banners, and even other ad network banners as defaults and then set your fee above what you are earning. Advertisers can easily place their banners directly into your site.
You have control
You decide on what pages you want to place ads, and which advertising campaigns you want to accept. Use our simple Web interface that make it quick and easy to manage advertising on your site while maintaining complete control.
Get Paid
AdJungle pays you monthly by Check or PayPal any time you have more than $20 in earnings. Payments go out by the 25th of the month and you are paid for the previous month's earnings. That means you can earn within a month of adding our code to your site, not the typical three months with other programs.
Publisher FAQ:
Q: How much will I get paid?
A: All AdJungle Zones are created on a CPM or Sponsorship (Cost Per Day) basis. You set the rate for each Zone you control. There is an AdJungle fee of 40% on all earnings made by Publishers, so you will earn 60% of all Direct Buys made on your site plus your share of Default Ad earnings.
Q: When do I get paid?
A: Payments are made by the 25th of the month to those accounts that have accumulated at least $20 in earnings in the prior month. Unpaid balances are rolled-over to the next month.
Q: Does AdJungle pay by PayPal?
A: Yes. When you sign up you can choose to be paid by a check in US funds through the mail, or by PayPal.
Q: Why should I use AdJungle?
A: Excellent rates (since you control them), timely pay-outs, simple management of your own default ads, no minimum display requirements, and the ability to choose which campaigns appear on your site.
Q: How do I maximize my earnings?
A: Since AdJungle lets you manage your existing ads, you can upload AdSense code, Affiliate Banners, or any other ad network code as a default ad. You can then show your own default ads when there are no Direct Buys for your site. If your own ads pay better than our AdJungle Defaults, then show yours.
Q: Why would I want to use AdJungle to show my own defaults?
A: To make your life easier. You will no longer have to edit every page on your site just to update tags or try out a new ad.If the code changes or you want to show a different ad, upload the code to our site and make the ad a default. The ad will start showing immediately if you choose. Because we give you eight slots to show your own defaults, you can do quick A/B tests to see which ads pay the best and show more of those that will make you more money.
Q: What is the minimum traffic level to use AdJungle?
A: We have no minimum.
Q: What sales models do you support?
A: AdJungle lets you choose to charge per impression (CPM) or by the day (Fixed Price, or Sponsorship). CPM is really the cost per thousand impressions, as the numbers sound a lot better than when you price them per individual page view.
Q: Who should choose the Fixed Price model?
A: Sites with less than a few thousand page views per day are best suited for this sales model. You will be able to earn a fixed amount per day from your site, and the advertisers will know how much their campaign will cost on your site.
Q: Who should choose the CPM model?
A: Sites that can show the Zone code thousands of times per day can use the CPM model. We require at least 1,000 displays per day to use the CPM model. This makes sense if you do the math. Since the minimim fee is $1 CPM, a site with only 1,000 displays per day can onlly earn $1 per day, maximum.
Q: How much should I charge?
A: This may be one of the hardest questions to answer, as it depends on the traffic your site gets, and the audience you have. You can charge more for a desireable site demographic (imagine if your only site visitors were the CEOs of the Fortune 500), but you have to know that information and tell the advertisers. In general, you will want to make sure that you earn enough to make it worthwhile to show advertising. It really does not make sense to sell advertising for less than $5 a day, so make sure that you set your rates to allow you to earn at least $5 a day.
Q: What are the AdJungle membership restrictions?
A: AdJungle membership is open to all publishers that do not handle illegal or inappropriate content. We do not set any minimum display requirements, but your income potential will be limited only by your allocation of page views. For details about our policies, see the AdJungle Terms of Service.
Q: Are there CPM Limits?
A: We don't let you charge less than $1 CPM. Anything less than that and it will be very hard for you to make any money at all. We also limit you to $25 CPM on the high end of the scale. If you need a rate that does not fit our limits, please contact us with your reasons and we will consider your request.
Q: Are there Fixed PriceLimits?
A: We don't let you charge less than $5 per day. Anything less than that and it will be very hard for you to make any money at all. We also limit you to $250 on the high end of the scale. Very few sites can support this high of a rate unless they have tens of thousand of displays per day.
Q: How often are reports updated?
A: Zone reports are updated once per day.
Q: How does AdJungle target ads to my website?
A: We enable advertisers to place ads on your site directly. You need to make sure that your potential advertisers know about this and link to your Ad Card. When there are no direct placed ads for your site, AdJungle will place default ads into your Zone. You set up keywords for your Zone, and we also place ads into your Zone based on DMOZ categorization.
Q: How can I be sure that all the ads AdJungle will run on my site are appropriate?
A: You have complete control over the ads that appear. You also control the content of the Default ads when you set up your Zone.
Q: Can I have more than one AdJungle advertisement per page?
A: You may place any Zone once per page. But you may use more than one Zone on a page if you want to. We recommend no more than three placements, as your advertisers will not want too many other ads, and your users will not want to see so many ads. You may want to use a few different form factors as part of your layout. Do not place the same Zone into a page more than once!
Q: Why do I keep seeing Default Ads?
A: We serve Default ads for the first week until we have a good estimate of your site traffic. If you see default ads after that, it means that your site is not 100% sold. You can review the schedule for your Zone through the Zone Manager to see what campaigns are being shown.
Q: I am seeing a high amount of Default Ads, why is that?
A: Advertisers are not buying ads. Perhaps your CPM rate is too high, or you have not done enough to let potential advertisers know that they can advertise on your site affordably. Tell them why they should advertise, and give them real benefits. Use testimonials if you have any. Get some if you don't.
Q: Why do my web site statistics not match AdJungle's reports?
A: There are always discrepancies when comparing server statistics, particularly when it comes to advertising. Factors such as repeat views, local caches, ad blockers, or users quickly leaving a page can cause differing statistics. For the purposes of billing and earnings, AdJungle data is the only one to be considered.

Ad Knowledge: Exceptional monetizing solutions

Partnering with Adknowledge is the easiest way to monetize your existing ad inventory regardless of the advertising channel. Our multi-channel targeting technologies work with email, web, social applications and search inventory. You’ll receive industry-leading eCPM’s by outsourcing ad inventory, either in part or in its entirety to Adknowledge, the industry leader.
Higher Payouts for Ad Inventory ? Our multi-channel targeting systems allow us to increase ad yields and deliver industry leading CPM’s across all available media types.
More Relevant Ads ? Our targeting delivers end users highly relevant advertisements which lower complaints and increase conversions.
Huge Pool of Advertisers ? Our online marketplace contains over 50,000 advertisers competing for traffic.
Easy Installation ? Our complete line of publisher solutions are quick and easy to integrate into any technical environment
Affiliates can now access our advertisements to increase their revenue by delivering offers though emails, applications and the web. Affiliates looking for a single offer to distribute can select from over 1,200 available categories within a huge library of unique creatives. Those affiliates that are looking to automate delivery to segments of their inventory can use the AdStation? Affiliate API which selects ads on their behalf. Our API gives affiliates access to our industry leading targeting technologies.
AdStation Affiliate ? Affiliates looking for single offers to distribute can access a database of over 1,200 different exclusive offers with unique creatives. These offers cannot be found on any other network and all creatives are designed by our in-house graphic design team. Unlike other networks, revenue is earned on a CPC basis, which gives you instant feedback on performance. These creatives can be distributed via emails, applications and the web.
AdStation Email Affiliate API ? This automated solution plugs your email server into our algorithmic targeting system with a simple API (application program interface) and allows list managers to deliver targeted marketing emails to consumers. List managers can decide to automate their inventory either in part or in its entirety with a few clicks of the mouse.
Our algorithmic targeting technologies deliver highly relevant ads resulting in industry leading eCPM’s. Management time is reduced as the need to find offers, traffic ads, conduct tests, segment lists, wait for results, and collect the revenue is minimized. Ads are selected in over 1,200 categories from a pool of more than 50,000 PPC advertisers competing in our online marketplace
Email list managers looking for a fully outsourced solution turn to the leaders in the industry. Our full service offering uses exclusive anonymous algorithmic targeting technology to push yields beyond traditional solutions and offers industry leading eCPM’s. Outsourcing to Adknowledge will eliminate your need for an ad sales team, graphic design staff, technical and trafficking staff to manage your email list, will reduce your hardware needs and free your critical resources to focus on other strategic projects.
Adknowledge adheres to the strictest level of email marketing compliance. All email marketing conducted by Adknowledge is both CAN-SPAM and COPPA compliant. Our ISP relations group maintains constant communications with the largest email providers in the industry.

Industry-leading algorithmic targeting technologies that can drastically increase ad yield while decreasing the volume of emails that are distributed.
Receive a guaranteed return by outsourcing your list. Industry-leading ISP relations group ensures that your email gets delivered.
Fully managed hardware solution; we supply and help manage servers at your co-location facility that process and send your encrypted email addresses (non-PII data) to our facility. Our servers never have access to your email addresses.
Relevant offers increase recipient’s satisfaction and responsiveness.
Each publisher is assigned to a dedicated account management team.
Our targeting system does not require any personally identifiable information on the user.
Monetize Your E-mail Communications
Insert one or two lines of text-based targeted advertisements into e-mail communications to add a new revenue stream to your business. Our ads can be included in a variety of e-mail implementations ranging from user-generated web mail, weather alerts, flight notifications, video sharing notices, newsletters and e-cards, to name a few.
New Revenue Source ? Increase your revenue from existing content-based emails such as newsletters, company alerts, order updates or monetize your user-to-user based emails.
High Payouts ? Our algorithmic targeting technologies allow us to increase yields and deliver industry leading CPM’s for a unique ad format.
User Friendly Ad Format ? Text links are unobtrusive and do not interfere with the end user experience. Initiating user does not see the text ad.
More Relevant Ads ? Our system uses cutting edge anonymous targeting to deliver end users vastly relevant advertisements. Scientifically developed profiles are used to show highly engaging ads to the user. The improved relevancy of these Messaging ads enhance the overall consumer experience.
Easy Installation ? Messaging ads have been designed for easy integration into any technical environment. Once installed, it will work behind the scenes to seamlessly deliver the best Messaging ads with the highest payouts.
Algorithmic Targeting ? Our targeting technology avoids the “Big Brother” factor associated with contextual targeting for email advertising by using anonymous profiles to mach ads with the end users? interests.
Easily integrates into any standard mail delivery system within a few hours.
Use virtually any programming language to interface with our Messaging solution.
Access our ad marketplace of over 50,000 advertisers for your paid search results. Our system automatically judges the quality of your search traffic placements and increases your CPM rates based on segment-based pricing for the highest payout possible.
Increased Inventory Yield ? Adknowledge uses our targeting across all of our Internet advertising channels to increase conversions for our search advertisers, allowing us to pay our publishers more than typical search inventory.
Higher Payouts ? Maximize revenue for your search engine with segment-based pricing from your higher quality traffic sources.
Huge Pool of Advertisers ? Access a pool of more than 50,000 advertisers competing for traffic in over 1,200 different categories resulting in industry leading CPC prices.
Deep Search Coverage ? With over 1,200 different categories and 50,000 advertisers, we have coverage within all of the higher volume and higher CPC categories.
Easy Installation ? Designed for easy integration into any technical environment.
Social Advertising
Adknowledge allows you to display targeted ads in your Facebook, Bebo, MySpace and Friendster application and get paid for every user click. Our industry leading targeting technology allows for higher payouts than our competition. Ads are selected in over 1,200 industry categories from a pool of more than 50,000 PPC advertisers that compete for traffic in our online marketplace. Installation is quick and easy, with only a small piece of code added to your application.
High Payouts ? Earn more than existing solutions by serving our highly targeted ads. Our multi-channel targeting uses data from all of our ad channels to push yields.
More Relevant Ads ? Our system uses cutting edge user-level targeting to deliver the most relevant ads possible from a wide variety of categories.
Huge Pool of Advertisers ? Our online marketplace contains over 50,000 advertisers competing for traffic. This competitive environment ensures competition in over 1,200 different categories, giving you industry leading payouts.
Easy Installation ? Installation takes seconds, just copy and paste a simple piece of code. Works with any Facebook, Bebo, MySpace and Friendster application.
How Our Targeting Technology Works
Publishers are always searching for new ways to increase return on their existing advertising inventory. Some divide their inventory into different classes: premium and run of site. This can apply to inventory from a variety of media types, including; web, search, applications and email. Adknowledge is the first company to leverage a portfolio of different targeting for all Internet advertising mediums. When working with Adknowledge’s multi-channel targeting you will be able to increase your ad yield, create more premium placements and boost overall revenue while improving your user’s experience.
At Adknowledge we view consumer actions as “DNA,” individual DNA strands are created from a consumer’s response or non-response to particular advertisements. Hundreds of strands of data are collected and tracked on millions of consumers. By using this DNA, we develop models to predict what ad a consumer will respond to in the future. Every day, we run more than 20 billion calculations on these strands to identify the most relevant offer to present each individual consumer.
All of our targeting is done in a completely anonymous fashion without any specific user-level data (non-PII data). Since our targeting utilizes individual consumer’s response data, it doesn’t matter what websites the user has visited in the past. This allows us to increase yield on all Internet inventory.

Adtegrity: better for USA

Adtegrity is an advertising network that has over 30 vertical content channels which are segmented to offer the best impact with advertiser campaigns. They bring advertisers and publishers together for the mutual benefit of both by offering original content as well as professional design and presentation. They offer whole traffic monetization with both hands on and automated optimization.

Adtegrity enables publishers to generate a revenue from their websites even if they don't actually sell any products through their websites. They work hand in hand with publishers to ensure that the website is utilizing its full advertising potential. As a broad spectrum network, they deliver over 200 million impressions daily to thousands of publishers. To qualify as a publisher with Adtegrity, your website would need to receive 500,000 or more page views per month with a minimum of 50% of those visitors residing in the United States. Your website should contain unique content that is regularly updated and only be in either the English or Spanish language.
Advertisers with Adtegrity with not only get extensive reach but also receive access to a wide variety of content channels and a suite of targeting capabilities. Dedicated account management staff will provide hands on optimization of your advertising campaigns so that they will generate the maximum income possible. All advertising campaigns have 100% transparency - you will always know on which sites your website is being placed and you can always be assured that your brand will be kept completely safe. You will get access to content channels, contextual advertising, day-parting, choice of demographics and geographics, as well as frequency capping. There is a wide variety of ad styles that advertisers can choose from including a wide variety of banners such as leaderboards and skyscrapers. Other types of advertising available include flash files and richmedia/expandable ads.
Adtegrity does have a good reputation for paying their publishers correctly and on-time. But, the criteria is very high so it is really not an advertising network for the new website owner. If you do have a well-established website and are looking into additional ways to monetize it, then Adtegrity would be a good network to look at. It is well worth placing as an additional income source on your website so that you can compare the revenue generated.