Some Techniques to get more comments in your blog/website

Comments of your visitors in your blog or website is most important to attract your visitors in your site. Because by commenting in your post, the visitors can feedback about their opinion or complain for your post. So that they come back to your post again to get their response of comment and ultimately it increase the visitors of your page.

Now there are some techniques here for you for your blogs or website.

1. Keep Commenting Easy For your Visitor

Make a easy way to comment your post in your site. So that the visitors can post easily and they will inspire to do this.

2. Instant Publish of Comment

Instantly publish the comments of your post. So that the user will see their comment in the site and the visitor inspire to comment in your site.

3. Response as soon as possible

If your visitor asked anythings to you by their comments, you try to feedback as soon as possible. As a result the visitor think that they are mostly prior from you and they will interested to be with you.

4. Make a line in your all the post like as- " Please leave a comment to get reply of your quest from me"

Hide admin page for your wordpress user

Wordpress is the most popular blogging and website building software in internet world. Somebody try here to blogging personally, but many people try to make a professional site with this platform. So that they need to makes a website not only with a rich article, but with a professional look and design.

Maximum of now a days websites are subscribe and collect their online user or member. But their is a problem to do this in wordpress user. Because here you see that when you add an user as subscriber or a author or with any other facility, the user after login or log out direct to the admin bar.

It is really a disgusting matter for site admin. Because the professional websites give these service with their current website template. If you take some techniques to build your site, you can make your site such as a professional site.


Here I will try to suggest some plug in, by which you can make it easily.

Pie Register

By this plug in you can customize your registration form and add a custom logo for your website.

uCan Post

Another useful plug in by which your user can post as like as admin bar without going to admin bar.

Theme my login

There are various option in this plug in. You can get a ultimate professional fell and look for your website by using this plug in.

Please leave your comment in this post to get help from me.