How to make any screen as a picture

Do you want to make a wenpage or any other page of your computer as picture?

You can make it without using any extra software. Just follow the steps given below and see....

1. First of all you open the page in your monitor, which page you want to make a picture. It can be a Word document page, or webpage or any other page of your computer. Even you can make a picture of your desktop too.

2. After open the page, press "Print Screen SysRq" button from your keyboard.

3. Now open any photo editor in your computer like as Photoshop. If there is no such softwares installed in your computer, please oprn PAINT which is already installed with your Operating system.

4. Now paste here or Press Ctrl+V at a time. Now you see that the page is shown here as a image. You can edit this from here by using the tolls of such photo editor.

5. After finihing your editing, save the image as your prefferable format.

Fell free to leave a comment, if there is any problem to do this.

Insert a Page Break in Microsoft Office document

If you want to start a new page at a specific
place in your document, you can insert a page
break. Word automatically determines the
length of the pages by the paper size and margin
settings that you set, and inserts a page break when
you enter text past the bottom of a page.
When you insert a break in Print Layout view, you
see the actual pages. You can insert a page break in your document by following step-

1 Click the Insert tab.
2 Click where you want to start a new page.
3 Click Page Break.

Quick way:

Is there a faster way to insert page
breaks in my document?
Yes. You can quickly insert a page break
in your document by holding down the
Ctrl key and pressing Enter. A page
break appears at the insert point in your

How do I remove a page break?
To remove the page break, switch to Print
Layout view, click the dotted line labeled
Page Break, and press Delete. You can also
go past the page break and press the
Backspace key.

If you have any question or face any problems to do it, please leave a comment here.