Grameen Phone Internet and some disgusting matter

I use GP internet minimum 1.5 years. At first I used grameen phone internet with the GP internet modem when the modem price was 3000+ BDT. After using 4/5 month i see that the modem is not work properly after using 10/12 minutes. Then it had to disconnect from my computer and after a moment it will work later.

One of my elder brother suggested me that the modem is not so good to use internet with a GP connection and you can use with any mobile phone modem. Then I use Nokia 6500 Slide which modem speed is 1100 KB/S +. Though using this phone set, the speed is upgraded but the whole problem is not removed. The speed is not so high that you can satisfied.

But I use it for a long time. Recently I see that, many popular website is not work properly in my computer. Some of the feature or service of some popular website even google is not work properly. Before some days, the faceebook is not work in my computer.

I uninstall my browser and try again but the result is same. Then I try with another broadband connection and see that the websites are work properly.

I don,t know what the problem. I think many of the popular website banded the GP IP address. So that this is not work properly with this.

Now I wanna say TATA to GP internet.