Read Bangla or any language on your mobile that is not supported by your mobile phone.

Read Bangla or any language on your mobile that is not supported by your mobile phone.
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Nowadays people want to do everything on their mobile !


It’s not strange because it’s easier to carry a mobile than a laptop.
You can browse the net, check your emails, chat with friends online and what not – when you are lying on your bed.

Even you can manage your website with mobile phone. There is also FTP client, html editor for mobile phone. You can even have Britannica Encyclopedia, Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary etc. In your mobile..

You know what? I am now writing this post on my mobile !

Whatever my purpose of writing now is to make you know how to use Bangla on your mobile .

Nowadays some phone support natively. So those phone should not make trouble viewing bangla. BUT SOME PHONE MAKE TROUBLE ALTHOUGH SUPPORT BANGLA NATIVELY. For example Samsung sgh-e250 support Bangla natively but when you are browsing the net with Opera Mini on that phone you will not be able to see bangla properly. And even although it support Bangla natively you can’t write Bangla with it. How disgusting.

But Nokia do great job in this field. Nokia 3110 classic support Bangla natively and even you can write Bangla with it, can make search on google by writing Bangla keywords.
You can view Bangla website with it without any trouble and can write Bangla posts on Bangla forums.

What can they do whose phone doesn’t support Bangla ?

There are some good news and some bad news for them !

If you have a noble or PDA or Pocket PC that runs on Windows Mobile then you can install Bangla fonts just like you do on your computer !

But you know what ? Those phone are most costly ! There are also some low cost Windows Mobile ( almost 20,000 tk ).

Majority number of people over the globe use Nokia phones and use phones running on Symbian Operating System. But Symbian Operating System Does not support Bangla

For not supporting Bangla on Symbian phones ( N-Series, E-Series, 7610, 5800 etc.) we can’t read Bangla newspapers or Bangla sites on our mobile phone. So it’s a great disadvantage for us – Bangla speaking people.

Useless Tricks to Make Symbian Mobile Phone Support Bangla

Some people say that it is possible to make Symbian support Bangla by using Opera Mobile ( notice that “Opera Mobile” and “Opera Mini” are different ).

Their trick is as follow:-

1. Download or copy a Bangla font from your PC. Go to “System” folder inside phone memory or C drivd ( This trick does not always work in memory card or E drive) in your phone using a third party file browser (X-plore, Active Files, Fexplorer etc.) Make a folder folder inside System folder named “Fonts”.

2. Now copy the font into this newly made folder.

3. Restart your phone.

Now if you have installed Opera Mobile in your mobile run that and go to a Bangla site or .

So what you see now. You can understand that the characters showing on you screen are Bangla Alphabet.

But is it possible for you to read some lines with such characters.

Using this trick is unable to see “Juktakkhor”. The signs are not placed in proper places (Hirsikar, Dirghukar, Rikar etc.). And you not be able to read even a single news without causing headache. So this trick is completely useless. To know the real trick continue reading the following.

Best trick ever to see Bangla on your mobile browser :-

1. For this you need to have “opera mini” installed on you mobile. (

2. If you have installed Opera Mini then write this line – “opera:config” – in web address or URL field in Opera Mini. See the screen shot.

3. Now a page will be appeared like the following – see the screenshot below.

4. Go to the last option of the page (“Use bitmap font for complex script”) – select it as “Yes” and click “save” like the screenshot and you are done.

5. Now to read Bangla news on your mobile go to ““

Wish you happy Bangla News reading on your beloved mobile phone

Notice that : There is no trick to write Bangla on Symbian. And it’s not possible to see Bangla on other applications other than a very few specific java applications. You can use complete English-Bangla, Bangla-English, “Bangla Academy English-Bangla Dictionary” on your mobile. These are the only application on what you can see Bangla on your mobile. I will write about these Bangla Dictionary later and will upload them for you. Till then Allah Hafez.

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